Our Quality Makes the Difference.

Without exception, baby keepsake quilts are the highest quality quilts on the market. Each quilt is hand-crafted from your keepsake shirts, onesies, blankets or other treasures from your child’s first years. We use proprietary construction methods that no other company can match to create a treasure you can hang onto for years to come. Here are some examples:


24 Shirts (Baby Keepsake) without Sashing - 38”x52”

Baby shirt keepsake blankets are usually made from pajama tops, gifts from grandparents, a child’s favorite shirt or any memorable clothing. If you have a question about what can be used, just contact us.



T-Shirt or Binkie Pillow (1 Shirt) - 18”x18”

Toddlers can be so rough on their favorite blanket. If you have one that’s tattered and worn, it may be able to stay alive as a T-shirt pillow. You can get creative because we can work with you to preserve that special piece of comfort your child has come to love and rely on.



12 Shirts (Lap) with Sashing - 57”x73”

It can be so hard to get rid of those shirts, blouses and dresses from when your little one was even littler. Why not keep your favorites with a 12-shirt keepsake quilt? Just because it doesn’t fit anymore doesn’t mean it’s not still loved!



Uniquely Yours

Looking to make a blanket out of onsies? Want to add blocks in your sashing? Want to use blankets, bibs or other garments? We can help. We want your blanket to be uniquely yours!