Supporting the Columbus Homeless Community.

As a nonprofit organization, we’re always looking for additional ways to give back to our community.


Four years ago, we took a look at the community around us in Columbus, Ohio and felt that we had the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of the homeless during winter.

In our business of making quilts day after day, we tend to find ourselves with plenty of leftover and unused material. Instead of discarding that fabric to a landfill, we save it. Whenever we find ourselves with some extra time or helping hands we work on turning that excess fabric into warm blankets, scarves, mittens and hats that we take and give away at the local homeless shelters. Since starting the project 4 years ago, we’ve made and donated over 1,500 items.

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Making blankets for the homeless is a small act of kindness that can truly go a long way for a person who is struggling during the cold winter months. When you order a Keepsake Quilt, know you're not only supporting the deaf community, but also The Be Warm Project.


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