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Doing good has never felt so warm.

Keepsake Quilts specializes in preserving your memories by creating exceptional T-Shirt Quilts while empowering the Deaf community.


Our Mission

When you place an order through Keepsake, you’re doing more than receiving a completely custom t-shirt quilt. You’re empowering the deaf. Nearly every one of our employees are deaf and count on our organization to create a work environment where they can succeed. This is made possible because of your support!

Preserve Your Memories in 3 Easy Steps:


Step 1:

Order your t-shirt quilt, customizing the size & color.


Step 2:

Send your t-shirts to us using our detailed instructions.


Step 3:

Receive a hand-crafted quilt made from your shirts.


What makes Keepsake Quilts special?


Our People

Every Keepsake Quilt purchased helps us continue our mission of providing meaningful employment for the deaf. We’ve spent the last 20 years as a non-profit social purpose organization dedicated to creating employment opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in a communication barrier-free work space.


Our Quality

Keepsake Quilts feel smooth to the touch with virtually undetectable seams thanks to our lay-flat stitching. We hand tie every blanket for increased strength and durability, creating a quality blanket that truly is a keepsake. We've identified the top manufacturers in the world and accept nothing less for our blankets.


Don’t take our word for it.
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